Jeff Erickson

Jeff Erickson

From my early years of growing up in Maine, to travelling to far places around the world, I've always been drawn to water. It has had a very calming and peaceful influence on me, and through my art, I try to connect with those feelings in my abstract landscapes and seascapes. I paint with oils and cold wax medium, and build up thin layers of color over and over again, to create a complex color surface. I then scrape away areas to reveal previous layers and react as I go along. Without an end in mind, I continue this process through the course of the painting. I let my intuition guide me, and eventually  an abstract scene reveals itself. We all have our own experiences , and I hope my work evokes a memory to the viewer, that brings them to a shared place of tranquility and peace.

Select Exhibitions & Representation

"Wavelength" - Summer Exhibition, Anne Neilson Fine Art, Charlotte, North Carolina, June 2021

Jeff Erickson & Christie Younger - Two Person Exhibition, Principle Gallery Charleston, South Carolina,       March 2021

Solo Exhibition, Principle Gallery Charleston, South Carolina, March 2019

"Wild Things", pop up group exhibition with Jen Tough Gallery, San Francisco, California, February 2019

Art San Diego, group exhibition with Opus Art Collective/Jen Tough Gallery, October 2018

Art Santa Fe, group exhibition with Opus Art Collective/Jen Tough Gallery, July 2018

Solo Exhibition, Principle Gallery Charleston, South Carolina, October 2017

Anne Nielson Fine Art Gallery, Charlotte, North Carolina May 2016 - present

Principle Gallery, Alexandria, Virginia May 2015 - present

Principle Gallery Charleston, Charleston, South Carolina May 2015 - present

Solo Exhibition, Alizarin Gallery Durham, North Carolina, November 2014.

Merritt Gallery/ Renaissance Fine Arts, Baltimore, Maryland  June 2014 - present

Bluestone Fine Art Gallery, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  April 2014 - December 2020

Alizarin Gallery, Durham, North Carolina  January 2014 - March 2016

WOAS - World of Art Showcase, Raleigh, North Carolina  November 1-3, 2013

Erickson & Ripper Gallery, Alexandria, Virginia  1993 – present




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