Laura Westlake

Laura Westlake

A native Long Islander, growing up in Stony Brook, Laura Westlake is essentially a self-taught artist drawing and painting since the age of five. Her love of nature and the outdoors has always been the inspiration for her work.

Laura studied at Santa Barbara College in California, and The School of Visual Arts in New York, where she developed an interest in commercial illustration which lasted for 15 years. Her career included work for television, magazines and print ads, portraiture, and book illustration. She later turned her focus back to the fine arts mastering both color pencil and oil paints and has been exhibiting in galleries for over 35 years.

As an avid birder, Laura plays with composition and color creating a tapestry of patterns and feathers. Her birds perch gracefully atop ceramic and glass vessels inviting viewers into a world where birds and inanimate objects coexist harmoniously. Laura brings to her art a keen eye for avian details with a sense of humor and whimsical enchantment. Her oil paintings are a masterful blend of nature, tradition, and surrealism. 

Laura has received numerous awards and has exhibited extensively in museums and galleries throughout the United States. Her new works can be seen in her representing galleries.

A wildlife rehabilitator for 30 years Laura holds federal and New York state licenses for the rehabilitation of migratory birds. She will incorporate these birds into her paintings which has become a trademark in her work.

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