Try Before You Buy


Collecting original art for your home or office just got easier.


When you love a painting, you want to own it. But you might wonder if it works for a room in your home. Is it the right size? Do the colors and style complement your wall colors and decor?


If you’re uncertain about a painting, you can take it home and try it out before you purchase it. You can experiment with different rooms to see what feelings emerge. Joy, tranquility, favorite memories?


Book a free in-house or office consultation, and we can help you transform your space into the room you’ve always dreamed of. Now you can live with something you truly love that gives a feeling of peace. 


We can work closely with an artist to create an original, commissioned artwork that brings your personal vision to life.


How does it work? 

  • Free Consultation
  • Choose up to 5 paintings. 
  • We will also bring some additional choices if desired. 
  • Email me the names of the artist(s) and their paintings you particularly like at 
  • Include your availability for me to visit with the paintings.
  • I will professionally hang the paintings. 
  • Enjoy the paintings for up to one week before making any decision. 
  • We work closely with architects, interior designers and decorators to fulfill your vision.


Click the button to book an appontment below:



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