David Dunlop - Luminous Atmospheres

Globally collected artist and Connecticut treasure, David Dunlop, will be presenting his new collection of 35 landscapes and cityscapes in his solo show Luminous Atmospheres at Susan Powell Fine Art. The show opens Friday, May 19, with an opening reception from 5- 8 pm. and continues through June 17. David will be in attendance. 


An artist demonstration with David Dunlop will also take place in the gallery garden on Sunday, June 4 at 2 pm. Please call the gallery at (203) 318-0616 to make a reservation.


David is a master of luminosity. "The source of feeling in a painting is born on the wings of light," says Dunlop. "Light suggests, evokes, alludes, hints and offers a variety of stories through its bright and illuminating essence." David looks for an inner radiance so the painting can emote its own light. He achieves his luminous and atmospheric effects with an original technique of applying layers of translucent glazes on brushed silver, gold, and laminated aluminum, allowing the light to pass through, which further amplifies the color and vividness of the painting. David further utilizes painterly techniques and complementary color contrast to heighten the experience of the viewers. 


"In order to release a psychological experience a painting has to work like a poem or music. It must open itself to multiple readings.  This happens using fresh but not unfamiliar subject matter and, then expressing it with with luminosity and atmosphere.  I set a stage for you to feel emotions tied to your own memories whether they explore the mood of a city at dusk or a shoreline lost in an infinite distance." David Dunlop 


David is also known for his entertaining PBS series, Landscapes Through Time with David Dunlop, which won an Emmy and a CINE Golden Eagle Award for Excellence.


To read an article about David Dunlop's exhibition in the May 2023 issue of American Art Collector Magazine, please click below:



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