David Dunlop - Luminous Mysteries

Opening Reception: Friday, June 4, 5-8. Join us and meet David Dunlop who will be here to talk about his paintings. Thirty exciting new paintings will be on view. David's lively and entertaining PBS series, Landscapes Through Time with David Dunlop won an Emmy and a CINE Golden Eagle Award for Excellence in Film and Television Production.


The theme of this new show embraces reflection, translucency, luminosity, and our perceptual experience of nature's patterns in motion. Subject range from vibrant, meditative Connecticut landscapes to oils exploring the abstract patterns, kinetic energy and motion of New York City. When viewing his paintings, David elaborates, "I'm hopeful when people look at my work it gives them another way of experiencing nature, the sense of motion becomes as important as the atmosphere and luminosity." David achieves his luminous effects with the original technique of translucent glazes on brushed silver, gold and white laminated aluminum, allowing the light to pass through, which further amplifies the color and vividness of the painting.

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