Kimberly Ruggiero

Kimberly Ruggiero

Creating art has been a passion since I took my first class at the Lyme Academy in 1999 and began a journey of tapping into a field of creativity that was transcending.  The first decade was spent learning the classical methods of drawing and painting, however, I eventually realized the importance of shifting away from left-brain thinking to a more intuitive, spontaneous approach to each canvas in order to grow in my work.

My favorite thing about creating art is the experience of deep connection I feel when painting a landscape or figurative subject. Like meditation, I am able to achieve a state of flow, where action and awareness merge and I literally resonate with my subject.

As a student of meditation and consciousness, I understand the importance of engaging all my senses in the painting process. I still use the same tools I began with, a limited palette, and either oil or acrylic paint, but I now bring a capacity to not just render a subject as technically accurate but to also see beyond what is visible and create a more felt experience.

I generally paint on small canvas or panel from life, working out the composition and local color. These panels are used to develop larger paintings in the studio. I also use photo references to help with figures and other moving characters to gain better accuracy in my landscapes.

My favorite painting locations are the rocky shores of Maine and Monhegan Island. I also enjoy the shoreline towns of Connecticut and discovering unexpected narratives. My goal is to invite the viewer of the painting to experience the level of depth and heart connection that I have when creating it.

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